"It was no small Miracle that, while remodeling, our son had found Milagro Custom Flooring when he discovered a filled in sunken planter in his front foyer and needed a concrete expert. John and his crew made quick work of that unique concrete problem. That is why Wesley recommended John & Milagro flooring when we moved to Albuquerque for our retirement. We had bought a 20-year-old townhouse with a master bath that needed to be customized for us. Not only does John know all about concrete, he has an "Aging in Place" certification. John came in with tape measure in hand making suggestions of ways to adapt the space we had and work with our budget. The bath project went very smoothly because of good organization of material and supporting crews. The completed bath is very handsome, incorporating Milagro's special concrete counter top for the vanity, acid stain on the existing cement floor, walk-in shower replacing the tub and well placed grab-bars. John and his team paid attention to every detail working as true craftsman. John custom made the larger deeper medicine cabinet recessing it into the wall so no space was lost. Other little things like covering the bedroom carpet to avoid dust and dirt as they worked means so much. John is really a "Nice Guy" ready to fix other little things around the house while his team is working, like cleaning a dryer vent. I do not hesitate to recommend John and his team at Milagro Flooring Solutions. By incorporating aesthetics and use they took a mundane bath turning it into a stylish bathroom that is perfect for us."

Sara Jayne & Phil Cole

"Yesterday morning, January 4, 2007, my kitchen was completed and fully operational. This saga began on September 27, 2006 the day we closed on the purchase of this house in Northwest Albuquerque. One of the first decisions we "had" to make was the question of what to do with the kitchen floor.

We stared down at the floor, and the ugly, war-torn, brownish, 18-year-old tiles stared defiantly back up at us. Acknowledging that neither of us would put some horrendous-looking linoleum clone down there, our thoughts turned to wood, bamboo, or even a different tile. But, suddenly, we began discussing working with the concrete slab itself. We decided to pursue that line of thinking, but knew that, in the process of thoroughly "gutting" the existing kitchen, we would also have to strip the floor naked. Beginning that, required the rental of the home-version of the huge machine that digs up under pavement and asphalt of city streets when the Public Works Department needs to repair or replace underground infrastructure. With that monster, we dug up the tile that had never seen an aesthetically-pleasing day in its life on that floor. Underneath, we found ancient linoleum. Underneath the linoleum, we were greeted by the "mother" of all glues that had been settling there since the Papa Bush Administration. I then spent the better part of two days, off-work, first on my knees and then on my butt (when I got more tired than I need to explain here), trying to chisel up under and remove that calcified glue manually. Once I admitted that the "glue" was winning this struggle, I got on the Internet to see if I could find a viable, practical, and affordable solution to my concrete floor problem. My initial search yielded four locally-based companies that claimed to provide ways to render concrete into great flooring solutions.

I opened up the Milagro Custom Flooring Solutions website rather than the others mostly because I liked that name. I read the entire site's propaganda, and thought, this guy has a great sense of humor - "I'm contacting him." I e-mailed John Rodriguez that night, and John's response was on my computer within hours. Wow! I thought. Someone who could save me from this sentence to rot in this kitchen for all eternity. We scheduled for John to come over for a look at the beast. He did, and the rest, is now history.

Over the course of the ensuing two weeks, John had us select the colors we wanted and the type of texturing effect we wanted to achieve on the concrete, and began his work. John personally, with his crew of one other person, unglued that glue, and returned that concrete back to its original pristine glory gray. Then proceeded to apply his magic coloring (three colors to be exact) and texturing to the floor over the course of some days, giving it time to dry, settle, take hold, and seal (two applications of that I believe), he achieved a heavenly effect on our kitchen floor. In the 3 months during which we have had a virtual army of plumbers, carpenters, granite installers, delivery people, and friends visit our kitchen, each one has spontaneously commented upon the beauty and uniqueness of this kitchen's floor. At some point, given the number of times I raved about this floor to friend and stranger alike, I appointed myself Milagro's "ambassador" to the marketplace. Happily, I can report, whatever you are considering for your kitchen floor, I can highly recommend Milagro Custom Flooring Solutions' coloring/texturing product. It is a difference that makes a difference feel like a difference."

Brian Bingham

"John Rodriguez and his co-workers at Milagro flooring are absolutely the most professional contractors we have worked with in our long history of home remodeling projects. We were converting a closet into a powder room that had limited space, but wanted maximum style. After calling many concrete contractors who did not do cast model projects, we found Milagro. John worked with us on the design, spacing and color scheme to make our ramp sink unique. The result was a beautiful custom concrete sink, rich in earth tones that fit the small space perfectly. We were so happy with his work, we also asked him to concrete the floor!

John's greatest asset as a concrete artist is his attention to detail, perfection and pleasing the customer. He always goes the extra mile to make his work both functional and beautiful. There were many days his team worked well into the evening to make sure that quality was achieved. John has even kept in touch long after the work was done! We would use Milagro again in a heartbeat, and know that we would be 100% satisfied!"

Jon and Laurie Anderson
Very happy Milagro customers

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